2020 – 2021

The Mary McSweeney Commemorative Fellowship
Mikhela Bayes: Mikhela Bayes is from Brisbane, having graduated with a bachelor of Arts from UQ. She was working in Germany when accepted into the Master of International Affair at the Hertie school of Governance in Berlin. Mikhela’s area of interest is Peace Studies: noting the rise of populism, identity politics, and general mistrust in governmental institutions linked to community and the role of emotion.

The Margaret Mittelheuser Commemorative Fellowship
Elinor Buys: Elinor is a commercial lawyer from Brisbane who  moved into the area of social justice/labour rights. She graduated in law from QUT and moved to Oxford to study for an MPhil, where she researched and comparatively analysed modern slavery and human trafficking measures in UK Government and US Government procurement. After completing this degree she commenced doctoral studies at Oxford.

The Agnes Whiten Commemorative Fellowship
Wing Lam Ho: Wing Lam Ho is an agricultural scientist enrolled in MPhil at UQ where she is researching  how the nitrogen-fixing root nodules in soybean react to acid stress in soil, using advanced techniques in bioinformatics and molecular biology.

2021 – 2022

The Freda Bage Commemorative Fellowship
Elinor Buys: After completion of her MPhil at Oxford, Elinor received the Freda Bage 3-year Fellowship to enable her to move immediately to a DPhil in Law at the University of Oxford.  Her research focusses on modern slavery and human rights due diligence measures in the UK Government purchasing, and she aims to contribute towards the promotion of ethical practices in public procurement.

The Del Doherty Commemorative Fellowship
Kirsten Slemint: Kirsten was awarded a place in the prestigious National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England to study film as a tool in promoting scientific literacy and influencing social norms.

2022 – 2023

The Agnes Whiten Commemorative Fellowship
Narelle Hall:

The Del Doherty Commemorative Fellowship
Kirsten Slemint: Kirsten’s Fellowship was awarded a second Fellowship to continue her studies at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England

The Barbara Williams Commemorative Fellowship
Jane Hall:

The Audrey Harrison Commemorative Fellowship
Vanessa Hill: Vanessa commenced her PhD studies at CQ University in 2020 after working as a science communicator, educator, and media producer for over a decade. Her PhD research is focussed on the development of behaviour change intervention for sleep habits, targeting bedtime procrastination. Her research is novel as it applies behaviour change techniques previously used in other areas of health, such as physical activity, to sleep health. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from UNSW and a Master of Science Communication from ANU.

The Freda Freeman Commemorative Fellowship
Zoe Brereton: Zoe is reading an LLM at the University of Cambridge to further her interest in and knowledge of criminal justice and human rights constitutional law and international criminal law.