Fellowship Awards 2022

Fellowships were awarded to the following for study in 2023:

The Freda Bage 3 year Commemorative Fellowship
Elinor Buys: After completing her Masters at Oxford, Elinor is pursuing her interest in human rights in supply chains for her DPhil. She is extending her area of research into studying global challenges with respect to modern slavery and human trafficking, and  government supply chains.

The Barbara Williams Commemorative Fellowship
Jane Hall: Jane is undertaking an LLM at Cambridge to expand her knowledge in international human rights and particularly in various aspects of law reform in which she hopes to be able to contribute in the future

The Agnes Whiten Commemorative Fellowship
Narelle Hall: In her PhD research Narelle is studying injuries to military personnel during basic training . Her work has potential for application to other personnel involved in intensive training such as police recruits

The Audrey Harrison Commemorative Fellowship
Vanessa Hill: Vanessa is studying the determinants and experience of bedtime procrastination in new graduates actively transitioning from education to the workplace in her PhD research. Her goal is to develop strategies to encourage healthy sleep habits by reducing procrastination

The Freda Freeman Commemorative Fellowship
Zoe Brereton: Zoe, a former practising Barrister, has been accepted into an LLM at Cambridge. She has a keen interest in human rights and advocacy especially in relation to criminal law

The Del Doherty Commemorative Fellowship
Kirsten Slemint: Kirsten is enrolled in an MA Film and Television at the prestigious National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England where she is studying film as a tool in promoting scientific literacy and influence social change